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Places to visit.

The District of Pathanamthitta,where our Natural healing Center is located,has many a unique tourist attractions,cultural centers and historical ruins to its credit.Known as the “Pilgrim Capital of Kerala “the District is-blessed with abundant Natural beauty,with almost half of it being covered by lush green tropical forests.We have many a must see places in our close vicinity.


Shabarimala is the largest annual pilgrimage in the world.An estimated 50 million devotees visit Shabarimala every Year.It’s a Hindu pilgrimage center located in the Western Ghats Mountain ranges of Pathanamthitta District.It’s only 65 Kms from our treatment center and will take approximately 1.5 Hrs to reach. Shabarimala is believed to be the place where the Hindu God Aiyappan meditated after killing the powerful demon” Mahishi”.Shabarimala Temple is situated on a hilltop at an Altitude of 468m above sea level and is surrounded by mountains and dense forests.

                                      ARANMULA HERITAGE VILLAGE.

Aranmula,a global heritage site enlisted by the United Nations,is only a stone’s throw away from our Ayurvedic hospital. Aranmula is frequented by International tourists,all Year around.

Aranmula Temple is one of the biggest Temples in South India and finds mention in Tamil classics.This ancient Temple is at the center of a complex with four hill Gods,believed to be the guards.With many Temples and places of Work ship around, Aranmula is a major Hindu pilgrimage spot.The festivals of these Temples show case several ritual art forms such as Padayani,Mayoora Nritham,Vela Kali,Kurathi attam,Arjuna Nrutham,etc,unique to the region.

Aranmula is located on the banks of the Holy River Pampa,which hosts another annual important event called the Maramon convention,one of the largest Christian conventions in Asia.

The famous Aranmula mirror, known as “ Aranmula Kannadi ”is made here.This mirror is made out of high Tin Bronze. This is a geographically exclusive product in Aranmula with only one family of artisans knowing the traditional technology.It is a unique metal combination that's found nowhere else in the world.

The annual snake boat race on the Pampa River,at Aranmula attracts  National and International tourists.

The Palace at Aranmula,built mostly in wood, is an Architectural marvel of its own,and has a history of around 200 Years. It is here that the ornaments of Lord Aiyappa at Shabarimala were originally kept and it is still a stopover of the annual procession form Pandalam.

Fertile wetlands, rich biodiversity and a soothing climate make Aranmula an apex model of the Eco-friendly culture of Kerala.



Only 10 Kms away from our Ayurvedic Center, the Konni elephant park and Elephant museum is situated.It is one among very few Elephant parks in the whole Country, and is a major center of tourist attraction.It is the place where elephants  from the nearby forests are brought for training and nurturing.There you can see many elephants of different ages, from infants to 60 years old.

Here you can watch and enjoy the mischief of baby Elephants as well as can enjoy an Elephant ride, if you desire so.

The nearby elephant museum,will literally takes you to the mesmerizing world of elephants.Everything from Elephant skeleton,the replica of their natural habitat,to their artificially reproduced sound awaits you there.At the end your visit to the elephant’s world, you can purchase memorabilia as well as natural products from the forest, collected first hand by tribes,from the forest, for you.

                             ADAVI ECO TOURISM CENTER.

  Adavi Eco tourism center is the perfect place for you to refresh and unwind yourself.Here you can have the unparalleled experience of your ride in the natural,unpolluted river,flowing gently through the midst of a beautiful tropical forest,on a local handmade bowl boat,made of 100% natural,locally available variety of special bamboo,made by master craftsman.

We swear this will be an everlasting memory for you to carry, back home.In India,this is only the second place to offer a bowl boat ride.

Adavi Eco tourism center is only 30 Kms away from our Ayurvedic Hospital and can be reached in 45-50 minutes.

                                 GAVI ECO TOURISM CENTER:

Chrystal clear lakes,Dew drops sparkling like Crystals, the humming of birds,the music of nature,green mountains and the freshest air in the planet-This is Gavi for you.At Gavi Eco tourism center you can enjoy the stay of a lifetime in the jungle lodge secluded from the outside world,sleeping in the nature’s lap, listening to it's music.

Widely acclaimed and appreciated for its breathtaking natural beauty,Gavi Eco tourism center is now an International tourism hot spot and on the must watch list of every nature lover.

Gavi Eco tourism center is the pride of our District and is 111 Kms away from our natural healing center and can be reached in approximately 2.45 hrs.

                       Ancient Temple ruins-in the forest:

  Almost unknown to the outside world and relatively unexplored,the mysterious Temple ruins inside the forests are hidden secrets of our District.Inside the forest,we can find the ruins of stone temples of Parakkulam, Aluwankudy, Kurichi,Thalamanam,and Kakkara.It is still unknown who made these grand Temples, deep inside the forests with mighty stones,which is not locally available and totally uncommon in this place.The architecture style is quite different from the styles native to this place.In the site of the ruins of Parakkulam temple,we can see stone pillars and a neatly constructed large pond,where all the sides are made of large stones.In this pond,water is abundant throughout the Year,even though Water becomes scarce in the nearby areas in peak summer.The might and splendor of these ancient Temples is evident from the ruins.It is still a mystery who made these magnificent temples inside deep forest and archaeological studies are underway to solve the mystery.

                                Themnala Eco tourism center.

Although not in our District,Thenmala Eco tourism center is only 74 kms away from our Natural healing center and is easily accessible by road in approximately 1.5 to 2 hrs.It’s the gateway to Tamil Nadu and Courtallam waterfalls.

Thenmala ,in the valley of famous Western Ghats mountain ranches,which is included in the UNESCO world heritage list,is also home to many exotic varieties of plants.

In Thenmala Eco tourism center,you can indulge in a variety of activities like boating,butterfly safari,visit deer rehabilitation center,musical dancing fountain,Sculpture garden,and guided soft trekking,if you want.

Besides these, there are many more Tourist attractions in our close vicinity which are awaiting your exploration.

Adavi Eco tourisom
Arial View of Konni Elephant Park.
Boat ride in Adavi Eco Tourisom Center.
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