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Our Ayurvedic & Naturopathic Treatment Center.

  Motivated by a desire to make the vast knowledge pool inherited from his forefathers about Natural medicine and Herbal remedies beneficial to common public, and to provide quality Ayurvedic & Naturopathic treatment available to ailing mankind at affordable cost,Ani Ayurvedic hospital and Naturopathic Center was founded by Dr N. Dayanandan,who is the son of MS Nanu Vaidyan, in the Year 1980,soon After graduating from the famous Trivandrum Govt: Ayurveda College.

35 Years have passed;everything has changed since,except our founding principle and motto;a fact that is acknowledged by thousands of our satisfied former clients across the globe.At our Center for health and healing,we incorporate traditional knowledge inherited from our forefathers,with modern technology,for the betterment of our patients.We are always committed to our customers;the well being and cure of our patients is our first and foremost priority,and this simple fact has helped us to become a force to reckon within the Ayurvedic & Naturopathic healthcare landscape of the Country.

In order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the natural medicines that we use for our patients,We have our own GMP Certified natural medicine manufacturing unit,named Buddha Herbals,where we manufacture all the formulations required for the treatment of our clients,under careful supervision of trained professionals,using formulas passed on to us from our forefathers,in traditional copper vessels,using traditional manufacturing techniques.

Going further deep into the supply chain, just to ensure the purity of the raw materials that we use in our natural medicine, we have our own 5 Acre herbal farm, about 20  kilometers away from populated area,in the Western Ghats forest.There we cultivate many unique medicinal plants, which act as the raw material inputs for our medicinal preparations.These medicinal herbs are nurtured and grown under careful supervision,without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. In addition to this, anything that is supplied by outside vendors undergoes strict quality checks in our laboratory for toxins, metallic content, and pesticides. This strategy has helped us a great deal in maintaining the quality and effectiveness of natural herbs that are used as herbal ingredients, for the natural medicines used for the treatment of our clients,thereby multiplying the benefit of our treatments to them.

At Ani Ayurvedic Hospital & Naturopathic center we consistently strive for Quality improvement, Quality Up gradation and implement Total quality Management techniques.After 35 Years, we believe there is still room for improvement and are always receptive and open to suggestions from our valuable clients, the first and foremost people we are committed to.We maintain an open system where the opinions and suggestions of all our stakeholders are considered and respected.

Determined and ready to carry the family legacy forward, our next generation of young Doctors have already started working in our Ayurvedic hospital.

Dr Vipin, Dr Vishnu, Dr Anu, Dr Deepu, Dr Susha, Dr Paurnami,Dr Sreelekshmi,and Dr Gargi, have graduated from various reputed medical colleges, are committed to their profession,and family values. We are sure the organization will scale new heights under the stewardship of our young talents.


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