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Our legacy....

Ani Ayurvedic Hospital & Naturopathic center is founded by Dr.N.Dayanandan, who is an eighth generation Ayurvedic Doctor,who belongs to the famous Manickanazhikathu family of Travancore, which has made many contributions to the System of Ayurveda through their own research works and unique formulations of medicines for many diseases through generations, and which has a tradition in the field of Ayurveda for about 250 years, spanning over 8 generations. The famous Chavercodu and Kakkakuzhi Vaidya families of Travancore are closely related to the Manikkanazhikattu family.

A brief history of Manikkanazhikattu family is given below.

The available history of Manikkanazhikattu family starts from Itty Vaidyan.Kandan Vaidyar, was the Son of Sri Itty Vaidyar. Sri Bhairavan Vaidyar, who belongs to the 3 rd generation,Sri Velayudhan Vaidyar ((4th generation), Sri Marthandan Vaidyar (5th generation,) Sri Manikkalazhikattu Shankaran Vaidyar (6th generation) where very famous vaidyas of their respective eras and where having a large number of disciples from various strata of the society. The recordical evidence of these facts are available in the Ayanthavila Temple in Kollam District of Kerala, which is of the family Temple of Manikkanazhikattu family.

Sri MS Nanuvaidyan, who belongs to the 8th generation was born on 1898 and expired on Sept 1972. He passed Vaidyakalanidhi and Vaidyaratna from Gujarat.He worked as a Govt Vaidyar in Padmanabhapuram, Shenkottai, and Punaloor. He retired from the job as District medical officer of that time,and later worked as a Grant-in –aid. He sorted, tabulated and documented the vast amount of knowledge in Ayurvedic &Herbal remedies that he have accumulated in his long career spanning decades and also the knowledge passed on to him from his forefathers from this field, for the benefit and reference of the future generations. He is survived by 8 children and several grandchildren, who are also into the science of Ayurveda, barring a very few.

Some of the notable contributions of Manikkanazikattu family in the field of Ayurveda are given below.

· The credit of inventing the strongest antibiotic ever discovered in Ayurveda till date for wounds known as “gulgulubhallathaka madhusnuhi ” belongs to this family.

· A medicine for curing ATO Gangrene, where only amputation is the only remedy in modern medicine is done by Manikkanazhikattu family.

· Gandeeraka rasayana ”, used for Hepatitis B is also a notable contribution to the field of Ayurveda by this family.

· Siddha thailam ” a medicated oil prepared using a unique formula known to the family and passed on from generation to generation, which has a wide variety of application in the field of rejuvanative and curative treatments, and has unique medicinal, healing and rejuvanative properties in  Ayurveda is another noteworthy product.

·   A herbal detox drink, known for detoxifying and purifying the body and helps to prevent lifestyle diseases, has a great deal of relevance in today’s polluted and contaminated world as lifestyles of people are getting more and more fast paced and prone to contamination's from various sources.

·   Made our own contributions in the field of “Panchakarma” treatment in the form of various highly effective treatment methods introduced by us.






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