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Ayurveda and Naturopathy.

Ayurveda is said to be one of the oldest organized systems of medicine,the origin of which can be traced back to the 2nd Millennium BC, and is prevailing in India since thousands of Years, to counter the onslaught of disease and to free from pain and illness.It’s India’s contribution to the World and the oldest known treatment system in the world.This system is the result of rigorous research work of sages of different generations with strict discipline and dedication.

The term“Ayurveda “in Sanskrit means “Knowledge for long life”. The Bower manuscript, preserved in the Bodleian Library of Oxford, the earliest surviving excavated written material,contains references to the works of Sushrutha, the great Ayurvedic Doctor of ancient times. The Bower Manuscript is of special interest to historians due to the references it contains about Indian System of medicine. The medical works of Charaka and Sushrutha, the great Ayurvedic saints of ancient times where translated to Arabic, which further made their way into Europe.In Italy, the Branca family of Sicily and GaspareTagliacozzi (bologna) became familiar with the techniques of Sushritha. In the early days, British physicians traveled to India to see rhinoplasty (plastic surgery for correcting nose) being performed by local methods. Joseph Constantine Carpue spend 20 Years in India studying local plastic surgery methods.methods. Carpue was able to perform the first major surgery in the western world in 1815.Instruments described in Sushrutha samhita where further modified in the western world.


  Naturopathic medicine and treatment takes into account the healing power of Mother Nature and treatment is based on herbal healing and herbal remedies; Ayurvedic treatment identified the healing power of natural herbs and effectively utilizes them for the benefit and better health of mankind since millennia. These natural medicines and treatment procedure are free from the side effects (Unwanted effects created on the body)associated with modern medicine which is a major cause of worry nowadays.

Ayurvedic treatment, if conducted carefully can cure almost all ailments, and bring better health and long life (longevity), free from worries for the person undertaking it.

Ayurveda  and Naturopathy has overcame the dark period it went through as the world has now realized the healing and soothing power of both of them and they are set for exponential growth in the coming decades. Ayurveda has played a major role in transforming India, especially the State of Kerala as an emerging medical tourism hub of the world.

Ayurvedic System of Treatment:

Ayurvedic doctors regard mind, body,and personality as a unit, with each element being able to influence the others. This is a  holistic approach used during diagnosis and therapy, and is a fundamental aspect of Ayurveda. Another part of Ayurvedic treatment says that there are channels ( srotas )which transport fluids,and that the channels can be opened up by massage treatment using oils and Swedana   (fomentation). Unhealthy channels are thought to cause diseases. This is the principle behind Ayurvedic detoxification. (Panchakarma treatment).

Ayurveda also focuses on exercise,   yoga , and   meditation . Ayurveda gives utmost importance to the concept of ‘Daily routine’, which says that natural cycles(waking, sleeping, working, meditation etc.) are important for health. Hygiene,including regular bathing, cleaning of teeth, skin care, and eye washing, is also a central practice, in Ayurveda, Oils are also used in a number of ways, such as, anointing,smearing, head massage, application to affected areas, and  oil pulling therapy. Liquids may also be poured on the patient's forehead, a technique called   Shirodhara .


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