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By: aniayurvedicwellnesscenter | August 20, 2019

The Symptoms of Herniated disk can vary depending upon the location it's affected.

  1. Herniated disc symptoms in the lumbar spine.

Herniated disk problem in the lumbar spine is most easily identifiable with a leg pain,also known as ‘Sciatica’.A majority of herniated disks occur at the L5 or S1 Nerve,characterized by a pain radiating down the sciatic nerve.

Herniated disk symptoms in the lumbar spine are further characterized as follows.

A lumbar segment (L4 and L5) usually shows a L5 nerve pinching or tear.Further,it's also characterised by a phenomenon called “foot drop” a weakness appearing, while raising the big toe and the ankle.Also, a pain will be felt on top of your foot.Sometimes weakness is shown,while standing on the toes and the pain may radiate all throughout the foot.

b) Herniated disk symptoms in the cervical spine.

The Symptoms of herniated disk, in the cervical spine, may vary depending on the level.The most common symptoms are; various nerve roots pinching,a weakness in the deltoid muscle in the upper arm,biceps,triceps,wrist extensor muscles,extensor muscles of the fingers,weakness in the gripping of the hand, shoulder pain,insensibility,prickle,and pain radiating to the thumb side of the hand,and into the middle finger, down the triceps,and also on the little finger side of the hand.It’s not necessary that all the symptoms are present, and the symptoms may vary depending upon the nerve that's affected.

c)Herniated disk symptoms in the Thoracic spine.

In this case, the pain,when felt,is felt in the upper back/chest area.

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