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By: aniayurvedicwellnesscenter | August 20, 2019

The system of doing Ayurvedic After delivery care was existent in India since Centuries. It’s a comprehensive step by step treatment procedure designed by ancient Ayurveda Acharyas, meant for total recharge and rejuvenation of a Women’s body, post delivery. It’s proven that this age old system is good for the health and beauty of women. It’s a three step process which includes oil massage, bathing in hot, medicated water, and consuming Lahya, and Aristas.
Undertaking oil massage and bathing in medium hot,medicated water helps to regain the abdomen,it’s normal shape faster,post delivery; provide firmness and strength to the back,abdomen and joints,in particular,and for the body as a whole.
Lahya and Aristas contain well known medicinal herbs such as Amla, Aswagandha, and Brahmi in addition to natural fruits such as Black Plum, Rose Apple,Indian Gooseberry, and Rose Banana. They helps in rejuvenation, longevity, enhance digestion,treat constipation,improve memory and wisdom,vitality,reduce anxiety level,fatigue,back ache and joint pain.

In a nutshell, this practice of After delivery care can help in curbing back pain, joint pain, reduce stomach bulging out,to avoid the unwanted fat accumulated in the body parts,post delivery,regain the person’s natural shape and size,faster after delivery, recharges,revitalises,re-energies,provides extra nutrients,increase energy levels and is equivalent to doing a spa at home.

Buddha Herbal's Prasavaraksha” After Delivery Care package is prepared, after rigorous research work,by a team of expert Ayurvedic Doctors and is one of the most comprehensive products available in the market today for authentic Ayurvedic maternity care. It’s an age old system packaged in a convenient and easy to use modern avatar without losing any of its traditional values.
This pack contains seven patented medicines, four for external application,and three for internal consumption.Package includes exclusively made oils,Aristas and Lehyas,for conducting a complete After delivery care for two weeks in the comfort of your own homes, with the help of only one person.
This package also contains a user’s manual, with easy to understand illustrated pictures,and a detailed description about how to apply and use each of these products.To know more about this product and to buy online,Click here:


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