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By: aniayurvedicwellnesscenter | August 20, 2019

Pregnency and delivery is one of the most important thing in the life of a women.Lack of adequate milk (lactation) is one common problem faced by many a young mothers of this generation.

Ayurveda has clear cut guidelines and principles in places during various stages of pregnancy and delivery. By following these practises advocated by Ayurveda,mothers of newborn can overcome the problem of lactation to a good extent.

During the pregnancy stage. 
Ayurveda advocates a very balanced and nutritious diet during (and after) pregnancy for the carrying lady.The diet should be rich with vegetables, green leaves, (salads)proteins, milk,nuts,and seasonal fruits to ensure a proper supply of nutrients to make sure that the fetus is getting all the right nutrients enough to ensure proper and time bound growth.Ensuring The Right nutrition supply doesn't mean that the diet of the carrying mother has to be hyper expensive.For quenching the increased appetite, encasing on the seasonal fruits and vegetables which will be available at reasonable rates will be the right approach to this issue. A balanced and nutrition filled diet during the period of pregnancy will ensure increased lactation for the mother, after the delivery. 

Also, timely intake of food is also an important aspect to look into.The pregnant women should consume food at regular intervals.An intervel of 2-2.5 hours in between food consumption can be considered as ideal. It is not advisable for prevent ladies to starve for longer duration of time. 

Emotional well being. 

Ayurveda advocates a calm and composed mind during the entire term of pregnancy. 
But, Contrary to this,for some,the Months of pregnancy can seem like an eternity, as it limits their moments and restricts their lifestyle. For those who've persuaded an active lifestyle hitherto,may find falling into this sedentary lifestyle all of a sudden seems annoying,thus resulting in a bad mood and disturbed state of mind.Proper understanding and emotional support from the family members is essential to get along this phase successfully. 
Other members of the house should pay special attention to the comfort and convenience of the pregnant lady,should understand the emotional fluctuations she's going through,and should refrain themselves from annoying her in any manner. Also,listening to calming and soothing melodious music will have positive impact on the mood of the pregnant lady and, as per modern studies, to the new born baby also. She can also involve in other activities like reading positive, motivational and spiritual books and can even use this as an opportunity to experiment with new passions and hobbies like knitting and crafting. These kind of hobbies can also help the pregnant women to stay focused on one or other activity and can prevent unwanted thoughts filling the mind in a stage of idleness. 
Also, Meditating daily for half an hour will calm down the mind and will make the person positive and fresh for a day. 

After delivery

The system of doing Ayurvedic after delivery care was existent in India since Centuries. It’s a comprehensive step by step procedure designed by ancient Ayurveda Acharyas, meant for total recharge and rejuvenation of a Women’s body, post delivery. It’s proven that this age old system is good for the health and beauty of women. It’s a three step process which includes oil massage, bathing in hot, medicated water, and consuming Lahya, and Aristas, post delivery. 
Undertaking oil massage and bathing in medium hot, medicated water helps to regain the abdomen, it’s normal shape faster, post delivery; provide firmness and strength to the body as a whole; and back, abdomen and joints, in particular.

Lahya and Aristas contain well known medicinal herbs such as Amla, Aswagandha, and Brahmi in addition to natural fruits such as Black Plum, Rose Apple,Indian Gooseberry, and Rose Banana.They help in improved lactation,rejuvenation, longevity, enhance digestion,treat constipation,improve memory and wisdom,vitality, reduce anxiety level, fatigue, back ache and joint pain, which are commonly seen in ladies after delivery. 

In a nutshell, this practice of After delivery care can help in curbing back pain, joint pain, reduce stomach bulging out,avoids the unwanted fat accumulated in the body parts, post delivery, regain the person’s natural shape and size, after delivery; recharges, revitalizes, re-energizes, provides extra nutrients, increase energy levels and is the equivalent of doing a spa at home.
In short, doing proper Ayurvedic delivery care has the following benefits to the new mother. 

Improves lactation. 

Provides the required nutrients to the mothers and child's body. 

Helps the abdomen to regain its natural shape and size faster, post delivery.

Eliminates back ache and joint pain which is common after delivery. Provides strength and firmness to the body as a whole. 

Buddha Herbal's “Prasavaraksha” After Delivery Care package is prepared, after rigorous research work,by a team of expert Ayurvedic Doctors, and is one of the most comprehensive product available in the market today for authentic Ayurvedic maternity care.

 It’s an age old system packaged in a convenient and easy to use modern avatar without losing any of its traditional values. 

This pack contains seven patented medicines, four for external application, and three for internal consumption.This Package includes exclusively made oils,Aristas and Lehyas, for conducting a complete After delivery care for two weeks in the comfort of your own homes, with the help of only one person. 

This package also contains a user’s manual, with easy to understand illustrated pictures and a detailed description about how to apply and use each of these products.

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