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The Symptoms of Herniated disk can vary depending upon the location it's affected.

  1. Herniated disc symptoms in the lumbar spine.

Herniated disk problem in the lumbar spine is most easily identifiable with a leg pain,also known as ‘Sciatica’.A majority of herniated disks occur at the L5 or S1 Nerve,characterized by a pain radiating down the sciatic nerve.

Herniated disk symptoms in the lumbar spine are further characterized as follows.

A lumbar segment (L4 and L5) usually shows a L5 nerve pinching or tear.Further,it's also characterised by a phenomenon called “foot drop” a weakness appearing, while raising the big toe and the ankle.Also, a pain will be felt on top of your foot.Sometimes weakness is shown,while standing on the toes and the p...

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Disks can be simply said as cushion like objects protecting your spinal bone.These disks are made up of a soft jelly like inner part covered by a hard outer covering.With the passing of age,or as a result of lifting heavy objects,thereby exerting heavy pressure on your disks, the disks may rupture,resulting in the inner soft jelly to come out.This condition is commonly known as herniated disc or ruptured disk.The risk of disk herniation is more with individuals who are overweight.

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I 'm Doctor N.Dayanandan, an 8 th generation Ayurvedic physician from India. 
I belong to the famous Manikanazikathu family,which has produced many famous Ayurvedic vaidyas and has written many a books in the science of Ayurveda, which is a 5000 Year old Indian System of medicine, now accepted and practised the world over. 
Soon after completing my Ayurveda (BAM) degree from the prestigious Trivandrum Government Ayurveda college in the Year 1980,I started my career by establishing Ani Ayurvedic Wellness Center,an Exclusive Ayurvedic Hospital in Pathanamthitta District of Kerala,India,in the Year 1980.Over the Years, in a career spanning almost 4 decades, I have treated and cured thousands of patients, from world over, having varied ...

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